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Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold. All gold offered on this site is legitimately sourced. All the products offered by guidepowerlevel are reliable sourced, safe and honored. We have good reviews, please look at guidepowerlevel brand before you buy.
NOTE:Due to the different IP address, your account may get locked when we login to start leveling. This temporary account locking is the Blizzard way to prevent account stolen. Please do not worry. It will be better if you could contact our livehelp to unlock the account after the payment sent. Or we will send you the account locked notification email. The leveling time will be calculated after we login your account successfully. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.
 Customized World of Warcraft Power Leveling
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Price $ : Time Days:
WoW Honor Points Power Leveling

How can i give you more honor points?


When we got 4000 Honor Points,we can help you buy equipment(you need tell me full equipment name) or we will contact you ,you need login game and spend some honor points,then we continue power leveling honor until finished.
Name Price Days Area

PVP Full 730 lvl Gears Package (Honor Gear)

1. Item level 730 (PVP)
2. Improve Garrison to lvl 2
3. Garrison Resources 500
4. Flight paths uncovered 90%
100% manual leveling with account guarantee

$129.99 3
Item Set Level 710 (740 PVP) Package (Conquest Gear)
1. Level 710 Set (740 PVP)
2. Character lv100 required
3. 100% Manual Power Leveling
$299.99 5-6

PVP Full 715 lvl Gears For New Season

1. Item level 715(PVP)
2. Improve Garrison to lvl 2
3. Garrison Resources 500
4. Flight paths uncovered 90%
100% manual leveling with account guarantee

$69.99 2

2000 Honor Points (Gift 200 Honor Points)

$9.99 0.5

3000 Honor Points (Gift 300 Honor Points)

$15.99 0.5

4000 Honor Points (Gift 400 Honor Points)

$19.99 0.5

5000 Honor Points (Gift 500 Honor Points)

$25.99 1

8000 Honor Points (Gift 800 Honor Points)

$39.99 2

1,0000 Honor Points (Gift 1000 Honor Points)

$49.99 2

1,5000 Honor Points (Gift 2000 Honor Points)

$74.99 2.5

2,0000 Honor Points (Gift 4000 Honor Points)

$95.99 3

3,0000 Honor Points (Gift 6000 Honor Points)

$129.99 4
WOW power leveling

Power leveling in World of Warcraft is the method in which people literally bypass the normal questing route of going from zone to zone completing appropriate level quests and instances to rushing through levels by killing efficiently and doing quests in a certain way. In order to compete at higher and more exciting levels of the game and win the exciting quests, player need Wow Power leveling service to customized their characters and make them more powerful and better equipped.


Enjoy WOW power leveling service on our website. Gain levels easily.
1. Custom WOW Power leveling service gives you flexibility to power level your character to the level of your choice;
2. WOW power leveling package gives you more preferential treatment;
3. 95% orders will be started within 15Min;
4. Every single character is leveled by real master player that conducts himself in an ethical manner in game. 
5. We will keep all of the items on your account during the leveling. Never move gold or gears;
6. Accounts safe are guaranteed.

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Our Guarantee
100% Handwork 100% Handwork
We supply the game products with 100% handwork and we offer the safe guaranteed. Professional leveler, local IP address. Hand-made leveling by doing quests, no use of Bot or Exploitation.

100% Satisfaction 100% Satisfaction
We will start your order within 10-15mins after order received, We send progress with your charcter screen shot to your email per 24 hours, If you have some questions, please feel free to contact us by MSN, Skype, Email or Live support.

100% Profession100% Profession
In 2004, we built a professional service team to guarantee smooth processing. From then on, customer accounts and passwords have been under specially trained staff's management.

100% Money Back 100% Money Back
You can end your order any time and we will refund the unfinished part. We promise to refund any dissent part after verification when powerleveling is finished. We could ensure your vested interest, and guarantee that your money worth it. offer WOW Power Leveling 90-100, Cheap WOW Power Leveling and WOW Warlords of Draenor Powerleveling, if you want buy fast Warlords of Draenor Power leveling & safe Warlords of Draenor Power leveling, we are the best choice for you.

1. All valuable drops will be left in inventory.
2. Your In-Game items, currency, etc. will not be lost.
3. We do not use bots. We have workers who level up your account completely by their own hands.
4. Our powerleveler will not mess up your account. Their powerleveling expertise is very credible.
5. Do not Log In game during the period of powerleveling.
6. Once your order is completed, please change your account password to keep your account safe.





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