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Swtor Update 3.1.1 Casts Bounty Week but Never Nerfs Blood Hunt

Great news for Swtor adventurers! Patch 3.1.1 goes live with Bounty Contract Week returning. But along with changes to Hard Mode flashpoints, the first boss of Blood Hunt still doesn’t get a nerf.


Bounty Contract Week returns!


From March 17 at 11:00 a.m. GMT to March 24th at 11:00 a.m. GMT, all players can enjoy Bounty Week at their will. Select a single contract to hunt, and you are likely to pick up extra swtor credits free and reputations in Bounty Contract Week. It’s time to equip up to head towards for free Star Wars: The Old Republic credits.


Changes to Blood Hunt Bosses and HM Flashpoints


Except for Bounty Week, it is also worth mentioning that BoiWare needs to nerf the damage in Blood Hunt, but they didn’t. The first boss of Blood Hunt has been out of reach for most players. If there is no nerf for BH, this challenging content should have had its own tier, like LOST Island at least, and better loot, because 178 MK-2 gear isn't worth the hassle of running that hell-hole.


Let’s see what changes are for Flashpoints and Operations:

1. For the Ravagers, Lowered Torque’s health on 16-Player Story Mode.

2. For Temple of Sacrifice, the “Devastation” debuff tooltip no longer refers to “The Rock.”

3. For Battle of Rishi, Shield Squadron Unit 1’s “Orbital Laser” and “Missile Blast” damage areas now more closely match their indicators.


Outfit designer coming soon with 3.2


In addition to the above content, most people also fix their eyes on an outfit designer which is accidentally exposed at the beginning 2015. Unfortunately, there are no actual details on it so far, but the Pax South cantina files confirmed that the outfit designer will be part of 3.2. So be patient.

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