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FFXIV: Syrcus Tower - Xande Boss Guide

Scyrcus Tower is the secondinstallment of the Crystal Tower story line. It's a24-man raid in which players queue into using the Duty Finder. Unlike the fourand eight-man instances, Syrcus Tower requires a massiveamount of coordination and awareness. One wrong step could cause the other 23players to die as well.



There are multiplemechanics to be aware of in this fight, along with several AoE attacks.

AoE Attacks:

Xande uses multipleAoE attacks.

·                Knuckle Press: Amedium-ranged circle AoE centered on Xande that deals moderate damage. Thisattack also has a knockback effect.

·                Burning Rave: Amulti-circle ground target AoE attack that deals moderate damage.

·                Aura Cannon: a wide, straight-line AoE attack that starts at Xande and hits everything in itspath dealing moderate damage.

·                Ancient Quake: A roomwide earth-based AoE attack.


Primary Mechanics:

There are threeprimary mechanics during this fight, as listed below.

AtherochemicalExplosion: Yellowcircles spawn around the room. At least one person needs to stand in a circle.For each empty circle the attack does around 1k extra damage to each person.


Stonefall Circle: Whenthese spawn they need to killed quickly. Meteors are connected to each of theseand if they reach the ground the alliance will wipe. You'll generally want toclear the outer ring first, before the center one. The second time these spawnthere are a lot more of them so keep that in mind.


AncientQuakega: This moveattaches a dark sphere to one member of each party. If you have this sphere youwant to stack on top of you're entire party. However, all three spheres canstack allowing the entire raid to gather at the same point. I've seen this donein one of my more recent runs so unfortunately I don't have any visualrepresentation of it. These dark spheres apply a temporary levitation buff aftera certain amount of time. Just walking within the AoE grants other players thebuff. Everyone with the levitation buff will avoid taking damage from AncientQuakega.

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