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ArcheAge gold  

Patch changes from December 16, 2014 Part 1

A Very Merry Wintersday Festival

Maybe nights become longer and colder, but Divinity's Reach warms the spirit of Wintersday. Celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next during this traditional winter festival!

The Wondrous Workshop

  • Enter the Toymaker Tixx, located inside his airship in the form of the golem - Tixx's Infinirarium, to quiet down naughty toys and restore order!

Wintersday Entertainment

  • Celebrate the holidays using entertainments: jump from one snowflake to another in Winter Wonderland jump puzzle, play on the bells in the Bell Choir, protect Dolyak with gifts during Toypocalypse and collect the precious gifts in Snowball Mayhem!

Warm heart Grawnk

  • This is your chance to save Wintersday! Grawnk has stolen jewelry from an orphanage in Divinity's Reach, and you can help to get them back! If you perform the task, you can plant a beautiful tree in your home instance.

Wintersday Gift Tree

  • The most popular among the festive decorations of Tyria, these trees produce gifts on Wintersday all year round and will decorate any house, in the heart of Black Citadel, and also on the outskirts of Rata Sum. Get your tree, helping orphans of Divinity's Reach - find lost jewelry. Also Star of Gratitude will provide additional reward for those who have enough empyreal fragments.

Toys and Treasures

  • Tix has a new set of goods for the residents of Tyria! Collect three new collections to receive exclusive rewards, for example - Endless Gift Box Tonic.
  • also have fun with the other awards, for example - Magnanimous Choir Bell and Rime-Rimmed Mariner's Rebreather.

New features and content

The new daily achievements system

  • Achievements are divided into 3 categories: PvE, WvW and PvP.
  • The number of available daily achievements depends on the most high-level character on your account:
  • Levels 1 - 10: 1 achievement in the category
  • Levels 11 - 30: 3 achievements in category
  • Levels 31 - 80: 4 achievements in category
  • Now performing daily achievements rewards the players with objects and / or experience, depending on their type, for example, WvW achievements will give you world experience.
  • Performing daily achievements doesn’t give anymore achievement points.
  • The new Daily Completionist achievement is added, it can be obtained by performing the daily achievements of any of the three categories.
  • For getting the Daily Completionist achievement, you will get 10 achievement points.
  • December is the last month, when monthly achievements are available.
  • Existing awards are moved to a new award system for entering.

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