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ArcheAge gold  
10 Man LV50 ArcheAge Serpentis Dungeon Guide and Armor Sets Loot

Serpentis is an end-game 10 players ArcheAge dungeon, located in Exeloch of Auroria, and is made up of multiple rooms, Abyssal Trap, Mouth of Chaos, Creature's Vault, Sanctuary of Darkness, Womb of the Crimson Dream, Laboratory of Terrors, Dimensional Crevice (Aunorin Fangbow, Lerman and Carmila), Shattered Chasm, etc. Now, there are few players run this dungeon unless you farm with your guild and friends, for many players this is very hard to get passed though the team with 1 strong tanks + 3 healers + 5 DPS with GHA/Hasla, and the potion you drank enough to buy better weapons or armors.

You know the first room Abyssal Trap you can fight one at a time if your tank is good and dodges all his fist smashes, but other bosses has a difficult for some players with LV50, want to know more details of rooms, here is a series of ArcheAge Serpentis Dungeon Video for all rooms gameplay you need know and below is the 5th room Dimensional Crevice guide for beginners.

 Healers with stealth
2. Tank and spank
3. Kill adds when they spawn
4. Stealth the healers when she is gonna do telekinesis, then heal the tank during the channel. Everyone else pot up after she releases you.

Lerman (easiest):
1. Lots of protective wings, healers with stealth and revive, mana potions
2. Tank and spank (mdef)
3. The person with least aggro will get an uncleansable dot that will kill you (use sacrificial lamb without gear).
4. Once the person dies, you cast protective wings and the healer with revive stealth and rezzes the sacrificial lamb.
5. Rinse and repeat

Aunorin Fangbow (hardest):
1. Tank with high pdef and hp.
2. Healers with stealth and revive.
3. Group up tight
4. Tank and spank
5. Dispatch the adds when they show up
6. If someone dies, stealth and revive.

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